Cardboard recycling

Front-load cardboard recycling dumpsters

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Cardboard recycling bin sizes:

  • 4 Yard Bin (80"w x 54"d x 48"h)
  • 6 Yard Bin (80"w x 66"d x 60"h)
  • 8 Yard Bin (80"w x 64"d x 80"h)
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Cardboard recycling

Call on 310-DUMP for all your cardboard recycling needs!

A Front Load Recycling Dumpster will be dropped off promptly to a location of your choice. These dumpsters are ideal for businesses that generate a large amount of cardboard or boxes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A Front Load Recycling Dumpster comes standard with an easy access front slot for insertion of flattened cardboard and a locking lid.

Comparing to plastic and some other waste materials, cardboard is not as big of a problem because most types of cardboard is biodegradable. Although it can still cause negative impacts on the environment including releasing methane, a greenhouse gas into the atmosphere as it degrades and it can easily help clog up landfills.

There are many environmental benefits to recycling cardboard. You can save on thousands of trees by recycling cardboard, as both cardboard and paper are made out of wood. As in the case of producing almost anything, producing new cardboard and paper involves pollution of the environment by greenhouse gases.

Call 310-DUMP today in order to reduce your carbon footprint and deal with your waste! We offer a no-hassle, worry free, scheduled & on-call waste collection by assuring your dumpsters are inspected by professional and courteous drivers at every waste pick-up. All maintenance issues will be reported to our field service technicians who will fix or replace the dumpster efficiently. You can count on us to pick up on time and on schedule!